In Restag our internal EHS rules don’t only mean the respect of legislation, but are rather expressing a philosophy and a basic commitment to strongly apply to our work much more ambitious goals in this field, providing at the same time the means and resources for an adequate internal training to ensure compliance with the objectives we have in terms of environment, health and safety.


Restag measures its success on satisfaction of customers, employees and all entities with whom we deal. Our company believes in integrity and we strive to be appreciated for our values and our business practices based on honesty , integrity and competence. For this reason we have an Ethic Code, to ensure that all our business activities are carried out in the desired way, in a context of fair competition and good faith, while respecting the legitimate interests of all stakeholders with whom Restag deals on a day to day basis: ownership, employees, suppliers, customers, business partners, agents, local communities and institutions.


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