Our Goal

Restag operates as a GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) for energy, oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical and other process industries, by aggregating the demand for products and services used in many manufacturing processes and providing, through commercial agreements with reputed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) a wide range of original spare parts at competitive prices and on time anywhere in the world.

Restag activities are in strict symbiosis with customer Purchasing Departments of medium and large size industries, searching quickly through Restag network the spare parts necessary for the performance of productive activities. The goal is to generate savings for buyers and sales volume for sellers.

The service offered by Restag is characterized by:

   - Price Competitiveness;

   - Quality and compliance to the purchase order specification;

   - Delivery Times in accordance to Client requirement.

 Our team of buyers, can quickly analyze customer RFQ and identify the best companies in the vast and updated database of OEM suppliers and partners we have.


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