Renewable Energies

The solar energy that radiates and heats our planet will be available as long as the sun shines and is the primary source, all considered, of all forms of renewable energy. Estimates for the remaining life of our star are setting its end at 4-5 billion years from our times, so we can safely refer to solar energy as an inexhaustible source for mankind. Energy from the sun, a pure electromagnetic radiation, can be used either to directly produce electricity through photovoltaic conversion systems, or to produce heat through heat storage systems using heat transfer fluids. Other renewable energies are those obtainable from wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal, tides and waves.

The use of fossil fuels, that had and have so much importance on our well being over the last two centuries and weighing so much on our economical and political life, will decline in the coming years for reasons due to their quantity (which is, even if considerable, limited) and, most important, for the impact that their massive use produces on our environment and our health. All disadvantages associated with the use of renewables, such as variability, low energetic density, impacts on the landscape, noise and, last but not the least, costs (but here technology is at work, providing more and more cheaper solutions), cannot be even compared to the disasters caused by fossil fuels or nuclear fission.

The mission that RESTAG S.r.l. promotes is to actively work for an increasing use of renewable energy production technologies by developing and implementing them, from concept and design to installation and maintenance, always pursuing the best results in terms of quality, innovation, efficiency and costs. .


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