GAS Turbine

Restag was established on foundations of technical knowhow, precision engineering and with only ONE function: to deliver brand new OEM quality parts.

Our group specializes in Gas turbine engines and compressors. We provide replacement parts that are original OEM. Our constant advances in technology provide our customers with parts of the highest durability and life which ultimately reduces the customer’s operating costs.

All turbine components produced by Restag are certified to exceed or meet OEM specifications and are subject to the same testing, reliability, performance and warranty parameters.

We provide everything from O-rings, turbine engine assemblies, power generation, and mechanical drive packages at the customer's request. We support GE, Solar, Siemens, Alstom, Nuovo Pignone, Westinghouse, Rolls Royce, Ruston and etc.

Our vision is to be recognized as the global engineering leader in gas turbine technology by continuing to achieve performance excellence, outstanding customer satisfaction and project success. As a premier OEM alternative in the gas turbine, we hold innumerable variants service parts, in our Central Parts Warehouse, ready for dispatch, ranging from individual components and small assemblies to gas generators, power turbines and complete turbine cores. Our company has people who have worked for all the major OEM's that add up to hundreds of years of OEM experience.

Our on-site engineers work with the latest available industrial specifications for turbine parts design, raw material upgrades, machine tools, castings, cooling schemes and protective coatings.

Some turbine model designations can appear confusing due to several changes in corporate ownership. This is partly due to the fact that the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) gas turbine scene changes constantly with corporate mergers, partial mergers, buyouts of specific divisions and joint ventures. This section and the one on combined cycles therefore have several notes about specific engines’ model designation history and previous ownership. This has considerable relevance when it comes to noting the finer points of any gas turbine’s design. This is critical to operators as they can then make better decisions regarding the overhaul, performance optimization, component updates and retrofit systems on their turbine systems.

Technical Advisory Services & Manpower

 Technical Direction during Installations, Overhauls, Upgrades, Inspections, etc.

 Specialists for Unit Assessments, Failure Analysis & Upgrade Recommendations

 Experienced Technical Advisors to aid with Outage and Inspection Planning

 Highly Experienced Labor Staff for conducting the above and many more services


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